Project Description

Melanie Curtiss

TPM Lead, Waymo

Melanie has over 20 years of industry experience building and scaling engineering products and programs. She joined Google in 2011 and is now at Waymo as the TPM lead for Cybersecurity. At Waymo, she manages the team of TPMs and security engineers who work to ensure the highest level of security of the autonomous vehicles and connected ecosystem. Melanie most recently came from GSuite, where she built and grew a centralized Search, Intelligence, & Assistant TPM team, oversaw the launch Cloud Search, overhauled the GSuite IDaaS platform, and helped build the early GSuite Security & Privacy incident management practice. Melanie has also angel invested for 10+ years, having invested in Chariot (acquired by Ford), Evertoon (acquired by Niantic), Life360 (IPO), and LaserLike (acquired by Apple).

Melanie has a BS in Mathematics/Applied Science (Computer Science) from UCLA and a MS in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. She started her career as a software engineer and product manager. She has worked at Cisco, Lockheed Martin, and Yahoo.