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Propelling the category-defining AI startups of tomorrow by providing founders the partnerships, talent, capital, and other resources they need to start building today.

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A program based on a decade of experience as an AI-native firm

The SignalFire AI Lab brings together experienced founders and category-leading corporates as potential design partners, data asset providers, and pilot customers. We believe these connections matter most at the earliest stages of ideation so that entrepreneurs can build smarter and grow more quickly in a space where speed matters.

The AI Lab Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program is a highly selective, founder-focused initiative intended to support experienced entrepreneurs exploring AI/ML applications in enterprise industry verticals at the earliest stages of ideation. Our initial focus is on the intersection of AI and healthcare, cybersecurity, and vertical SaaS.

This isn’t a typical incubator or venture studio model–there’s no standard curriculum, we don’t have a strict timeline, and we only support a select few founders at a time. We build bespoke programming for each EIR, simultaneously opening the doors to the full resources of the firm and augmenting those resources with introductions to the specific domain experts, corporate partners, and other stakeholders most relevant to their business.

Ultimately, the purpose of the AI Lab EIR program is to leverage SignalFire’s deep AI expertise, extensive corporate ecosystem, talent infrastructure, and entrepreneurial network to significantly increase the probability of success for promising ideas in AI.

A bridge between founders and corporate partners with big problems to solve

Alongside funding at competitive terms, companies in the SignalFire AI Lab receive:

Corporate introductions

We commit to tapping our extensive networks in specific industries to connect founders with corporates who will be their data asset providers, pilot customers, or design partners

Technical AI talent

As an AI-native VC, we come with a deep bench of in-house AI engineering experts who will partner with founders on their toughest technical problems; if needed, founders also have access to vetted, AI-specialized technical talent for advisor or technical co-founder roles

The SignalFire Advisor network

Founders have access to our network of trusted advisors and specialists, ranging from powerhouse industry veterans to functional experts in sales, marketing, talent, and more

Beacon AI Data Platform

At the core of SignalFire is Beacon AI, the data platform we’ve spent a decade building. Founders have access to Beacon for recruiting once they’re ready to hire a team and to find early customers.

Developer tools

EIRs get free or discounted credits from cloud and AI-native development services and tools.

Custom events

SignalFire will use our deep marketing and live events resources to create meaningful in-person and virtual moments for EIRs to build community with relevant industry leaders who can become pilot customers or design partners.

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SignalFire has partnered with dozens of AI startups to ignite their growth